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David Castro-Blanco

Camper, July 1972, Aide, 1974

Like many, I also look back with real fondness at the time I spent at Northrop. I had an opportunity to sharpen my interest in science,

and enjoy nature in a way that wasn't available in the Bronx during the summer of '72!

John Tiffany

Camper, '43, Aide, '45

I visited the site this past May [2004] and was sorry to see that the camp was no longer in operation, although a good deal still remains.

Great memories!  I have continued an interest in nature and conservation, particularly birding.

Crystal Rose (Harrison-Davis), (Northrop Name)  Crystal Harrison or


Camper: '89  Aide: '91

I remember my time at Northrop to be a very impressionable learning experience.  Meeting new people, overcoming fears, and exploring nature have taken a shy little girl, and turned her into a compassionate, nurturing, outgoing woman.  For that, I am thankful.  Currently, I volunteer for GMHC, AIDS Walk, various Cancer walks and fundraisers, as well as 2 mentor programs.  Basically, I'll get involved with anything that puts me in touch with helping people.

Jonette Stabbert, (Northrop Name)  Jonette Toutloff


Camper 1957  (See Memories for more.)

Hillary Steiner-Seltzer

I think I was there in '66 and then went back as an aide '67..The main building was new and I slept there when I was an

aide. The Rudins were in charge at that time.

Edith Gonzalez – Scollard, (Northrop Name)  Edy Coleman

I was a camper in August 1979.  (See Memories for more.)

Michael Braverman

I was at Northrop in August 1972. Thanks to Ellis Squires and Northrop for promoting my interest in Science. I now work with biopesticides at Rutgers University.

Ewald S. deFreitas

Camper 1975

Robert Solomon

Camper: August, 1956 Aide: 1958,1959

Northrop Camp changed me indelibly. In the persons of B. Elizabeth Kallman (who never let anyone call her Birdie) and Grace ("Doc")

Petersen (who never, ever failed to teach, guide, or console any one who needed her), it ushered into my life a new appreciation of the

complexities and wonders of all of nature as well as developing within me an ever-increasing sense of awareness of and responsibility towards others, myself, and the beauty of the relationships existing not only amongst people, but between humanity and all of the natural world.

Mike Johnson, (Northrop Name)  Batmike

Camper August 1980

Mara Simmelkjaer

Camper July 1983

Norman Sas

Camper July 1962, Aide 1964

It continues to amaze me the way facts I learned at Northrop almost 40 years ago, still come to mind on occasion and are still useful

or interesting. What a great experience that was for me.

Jo-Ann “Dodo” Christian

Camper 1959, 1961.  Aide 1962.  (See Memories for more.)

Bill Hanzalek
Camper Aug 1933, Aug 1935, counselor aide Aug 1937

Fred Hanzalek
Camper Aug-35 and Aug-37
Attendance at Northrop was an unforgetable experience and one which had an influence on my entire life. I am committed to doing all I can to get the camp back in operation.

Michael Gerver
Camper Aug'62, Aide Aug'66

Angel Martinez
Camper August 88, Aid 89,90,91,92,93, Counselor August 93.
As a young kid growing up struggling in the streets of the South Bronx. Northrop Camp became my awaking to the natural world. It allowed me to temporally be free from my oppressive environments. I gained a great sense of freedom, peace and love from all my time spent there. I currently work for Outward Bound as an outdoor education Instructor / Course Director do activities such as Hiking, Canoeing, Rock Climbing, Sailing, High Ropes courses and everything in between.

Roderick K. King - "Rod"
July 1978, Camper

Harvey J. Gardner, (Northrop Name) Harvey J. Goldberg
Website: Huntington Hearing and Speech Center
Camper 1943, 1945 / Board Member since 1999
My brother Norman, sister Cory and I all were Northrop campers, recalling constantly the wonder-filled days there, the sloping sided swimming pool, the pool-side garter snakes, the touch-me-nots near the marshland, the red efts that appeared on the trails after a rain, the indian pipes and mosses and ferns, and the stars, the milky way, the moon, the smells of woods and vast newly mown lawns and wild strawberries. The hikes and the dining room -- the gravy and bread ritual, the shower house, the kerosene lanterns, tents and rooms and chamber pots under the bed. So sad that it has come to a halt. Hopefully, it can rise again, Phoenix like, from the ashes.

Russell Ford
Camper/July '78
Everyone always asks me what made me become an Environmental Engineer. And interestingly enough, I can never put my finger on the one item because I think it was a combination of things. However, taking a city boy and letting him get first hand experience of nature and the environment definitely had an influence.

Narcisa A. Polonio
I believe I attended in 1963 and was a junior aid the following year - 1964
This was a great experience for me. My family had moved from the Dominican Republic 5 years earlier and this was my first trip out of New York City. Being out in the country brought life back to my soul. Thank you for helping out a poor kid that had no idea how beautiful this country was.

Joseph Gerver
Camper/Aug'62, Aide/Aug'66, Current Board Member and Treasurer
At Northrop I saw my first meteor shower, I learned about the strange method of reproduction of mosses and ferns, I learned how to get along, and hold my own, with other kids for a whole month without my parents.

Dawn Chavez
Camper/July'87/Aug'87, Aide/'89/'90
Website: Christodora, Inc.:
My participation at Northrop Camp was an extremely powerful experience that has infused my life with beauty and opportunity. Doors continue to be opened to me through my association with this wonderful institution and its members.

Linda Martin, (Northrop Name) Linda Riley

Patricia J. DeCoursey, (Northrop Name) Patricia Jackson
Camper: 1944; Junior Counselor: July and August 1945
I realized at Northrop that my ardent love of the forest and all its creatures could be my full-time career. I have taught Animal Behavior in nature programs and Universities ever since.

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