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Summer 2014: Northrop Camp Welcomes - World Impact: Newark Christian School, Newark, NJ
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For over 70 years, the non-profit Alice Rich Northrop Memorial provided New York City girls and boys, whose families could not otherwise afford camp, the opportunity to learn about nature and the environment at Northrop Camp, a summer camp in the Berkshires.

Northrop Camp is dedicated to the belief that teaching children to respect and appreciate all life, both the natural world around them and each other, produces adults who care about the environment and who succeed in the careers they choose.

Following a fire which destroyed the main camp building at the camp in 1993,
a dedicated board of directors has been working to strengthen the organization and restart programming on the 300 acre property in the town of Mt. Washington, MA.

Please help us renew Northrop Camp.


"New Horizons" by Grace A. Petersen
"Help the city child in your community
to discover the green world of nature."

Photos from 1900 to 2001 including Northrop Naturalists

Read the heart touching story of Alice Rich Northrop

"The Woods": Northrop poetry by Harvey J. Gardner

New Hall of Fame Nominees

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